My Centurion Run

Whatever the mind can conceive; the body can achieve I have heard and always thought that I understood the meaning of this quote since my childhood days. Contrary to my belief, I understood the meaning last month when I successfully completed my dream run on my golden birthday. It was in December 2017, I desiredContinue reading “My Centurion Run”

Lessons on Wealth creation from my running experience

Completing the first marathon (for the uninitiated, marathon means running 42.195 Kms) is an overwhelming experience for any runner. Imagine being someone who has never participated in any physical activity since childhood due to health constraints. With time, lifestyle disorders start impacting the body adversely, and one fine day you are diagnosed with elevated sugarContinue reading “Lessons on Wealth creation from my running experience”

Everesting Run Challenge 2021 – Memoirs

Ultra-marathons (Long distance running) are special events which generally require the active engagement of volunteers to ensure that the participants will receive the requisite support while they are running. And if the event is really challenging, the expectations from the volunteers increases. This time it was no different. Five super strong runners (Coach Manish, Queeny,Continue reading “Everesting Run Challenge 2021 – Memoirs”