Lessons on Wealth creation from my running experience

Completing the first marathon (for the uninitiated, marathon means running 42.195 Kms) is an overwhelming experience for any runner. Imagine being someone who has never participated in any physical activity since childhood due to health constraints. With time, lifestyle disorders start impacting the body adversely, and one fine day you are diagnosed with elevated sugarContinue reading “Lessons on Wealth creation from my running experience”

Book Review – There’s Always a Financial Solution by Steven Fernandes

There are two knowledge-based narratives used by authors to put forward their point of view. One that emanates from academic knowledge gained, and another that is acquired from practical wisdom gained from personal experience and observing others. The author of this book, Steven Fernandes, has gained enormous experience and insights while writing financial plans forContinue reading “Book Review – There’s Always a Financial Solution by Steven Fernandes”

Lessons from a Secretary who created Millions

Let me ask you a simple question. How much wealth a person, who has worked for 43 years as a secretary all his/her life, can create? The condition is that all the wealth is created out of his/her own earnings and not any gift or inheritance or speculation. Don’t have an answer? Read below toContinue reading “Lessons from a Secretary who created Millions”

Book Review: If God Was Your Financial Planner by Suresh Sadagopan

Personal financial management can lead to many undesired, sometimes disastrous, outcomes if not handled properly. Ask yourself the following questions: 1.  What will happen to the family if its sole earning member dies untimely, and the surviving members do not have a clue on the financial front? 2.  How will the family cope with upcoming major expensesContinue reading “Book Review: If God Was Your Financial Planner by Suresh Sadagopan”

Book Review: Financial Planning for the Families Having Children with Special Needs by Jitendra Solanki

Experience has no parallels and empathy has no substitute. When a person, rich in experience and empathy decides to write a book we get a masterpiece called Financial Planning for the Families Having Children with Special Needs. About the Author This book is written by Jitendra Solanki, who is a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (Regn.Continue reading “Book Review: Financial Planning for the Families Having Children with Special Needs by Jitendra Solanki”

Do you have the will to write your WILL?

When Nakul Sharma and Niharika Pinto planned their Diwali vacation trip from Mumbai to Goa along with their eight-year-old son, Nayan; they anticipated this to be a memorable one. However, while moving in their car early in the morning, they collided head-on with a truck, and unfortunately, they both died on the spot. Luckily, NayanContinue reading “Do you have the will to write your WILL?”

Book Review: Mindful Retirement by Kiran Telang

The moment we discuss retirement, the first question occurring in our minds is whether our financial corpus will outlive our lives or not? Volumes after volumes have been written and dedicated to the financial life post-retirement and how one can secure one’s financial needs for old age. While there is no denying that the financial aspect is extremely important and should not be overlooked, the question that comes to the fore is whether the financials should be the only aspect we should focus upon as we approach retirement?

Yoga & Wealth Creation

The question is whether this unison or oneness can arrive in our wealth creation process wherein we are completely focused on our investment process, we don’t get drifted by the market noises, have a sense of equanimity in our volatile journey amidst risk and return, and reach a stage wherein our life, life’s objective, and our investments are all in synchronization and giving us the feeling of Oneness?

Ode to a Mother

Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world with great fanfare. The dates may vary from country to country, but the feelings expressed are similar irrespective of the geographies. In India, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May every year. The day is celebrated by acknowledging the contributions made by mothers in theContinue reading “Ode to a Mother”

Book Review – Riding the Roller Coaster by Amit Trivedi

“If you earn average returns in the markets with fewer mistakes you will be better off than the investors generating higher returns while committing more mistakes.” This is one of the simplest principles to create wealth in the long term. The key here is not to focus on the returns but to make fewer investmentContinue reading “Book Review – Riding the Roller Coaster by Amit Trivedi”