Book Review – There’s Always a Financial Solution by Steven Fernandes

There are two knowledge-based narratives used by authors to put forward their point of view. One that emanates from academic knowledge gained, and another that is acquired from practical wisdom gained from personal experience and observing others.

The author of this book, Steven Fernandes, has gained enormous experience and insights while writing financial plans for more than one hundred seventy-five families. This experience has helped him create a unique narrative that is all-encompassing. It covers people in different situations, which arise due to past experiences, ignorance, or misguided financial decisions. However, the author has provided solutions without blaming the clients or their situation. This restrain works well because it helps the person to remain motivated and work towards changing his/her adverse financial situation over a period.

Right from youngsters starting their working life to someone in the final phase of retiring from active working life, Steven has tried showcasing many situations – good or adverse, faced by his clients and then provided prudent and customized solutions. Although all the case studies follow a set path and the narrative becomes predictable after reading two case studies, the monotony is broken by ensuring diversity in the cases. You will be glued on with the book because you would like to know what kind of situations various people face, how is it similar to yours and what kind of solutions are offered.

I am sure readers will find at least one case similar to their situation. Not just that, they will also derive either a solution or the direction in which they should direct their financial lives. A simplistic and easily understandable approach is the hallmark of the author and the honesty with which the case studies are presented is commendable. Readers with varying levels of financial knowledge will be able to understand the approach they should take while making any financial decision.

In my opinion, this is a must-read book to enhance one’s financial knowledge. The last two pages sum up all the insights into fifteen tenets. Practice them to become financially empowered and successful.

As is said, you can gain experience and wisdom either by your own experience or by observing others. The former may take a long time, but the latter can be like instant ready-to-eat food. This book falls in the latter category.

Published by Vivek Damani

Vivek is a personal finance expert with 27 years plus experience in the field of personal finance. He is also a passionate long-distance runner and loves to have a balanced approach thereby leading a joyful life.

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