Book Review – Let’s Talk Money by Monika Halan

There are, supposedly, two distinct paths to tread when someone approaches you seeking financial help. Either you help the person (financially or suggest an appropriate solution) or understand and empower them to deal with the challenge.

The former option may provide immediate relief, but the challenge may resurface since you did not address the root cause. In the latter option, the relief may not be immediate, but it will comprehensively address the root cause.

Monika Halan’s book ‘Let’s Talk Money’ opts for the second option and ensures that the basic tenets, essential for creating a robust financial framework, are addressed simplistically.  Understanding and implementing the framework in the right spirit can surely help any individual pursue a financially meaningful life.

The book’s content is crafted for people who are serious with their financial lives but are not sure whom to ask, what to ask and wherefrom to start. Expectedly, Monika has used her rich experience in creating this masterpiece. She has ensured that all the possible queries are addressed clearly. The liberal use of anecdotes compels a reader to remain engrossed in the subject perceived as monotonous and mundane. Also, real-life examples help the readers in relating to their situations and finding the right solutions.

Monika has covered every essential aspect of personal finance, from managing cash flows to risk management, to investment management, to estate management. In fact, for the benefit of the readers, she has explained the basis of selection of investment and insurance, the impact of inflation, the importance of diversification and asset allocation. For people who understand even a bit of finance and investment, this book may help them create their financial plan. 

It is a highly recommended book for people sincerely looking forward to starting their financial journey and are confused about where they should start. If you want to engage a financial intermediary or a financial advisor and are unsure what his role should be in your financial life, you should read this book. Besides, if you desire your children to understand the basics of personal finance, you should encourage them to read this book.

I would even recommend finance professionals read this book for the metaphors used while explaining various concepts and terminologies in a simple yet effective manner.   

And yes, now there is an updated 2021 version available, which touches upon the must-read financial lessons from COVID-19.   

If you are looking forward to embarking on a financially meaningful journey? Then read ‘LET’S TALK MONEY’.

Happy reading!

Published by Vivek Damani

Vivek is a personal finance expert with 27 years plus experience in the field of personal finance. He is also a passionate long-distance runner and loves to have a balanced approach thereby leading a joyful life.

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